Conference Schedule

Unmanned Vehicles – Global Leadership as a National Goal

UVID 2014 is The third annual unmanned system conference, scheduled to be held on September 17, 2014 at the Avenue Conference Center, Airport City.

The theme of this year's conference is:

"Unmanned Vehicles – Global Leadership as a National Goal".

The UVID conference is an initiative of Israel Defense with cooperation of AUVSI, and is intended to concentrate, under one roof, a strategic system-wide overview of the field of unmanned vehicles in the air, at sea and on land, to encourage a dialog and develop a common world of knowledge for the extensive community involved in the build-up and employment of this fascinating field.

UVID is the central conference of the Israeli Unmanned systems and will gather the leading experts and entities of the field, including MAFAT, Ministry of Defense, Israel's leading defense industries and delegations from around the world.

Alon Unger, UVID Conferences Chairman

1. Current combat doctrines, missions, needs and concepts for unmanned vehicles and major future trends.

2. National, state, organizational, structural and budget leadership of the unmanned systems.

3. The global "Arms Race" and relevant marketing trends

4. Interoperability & synergy of unmanned systems.

5. Breakthrough technologies.

6. Survivability & threats.

7. Commercial aspects and civilian employment.

8. International & Israeli legislation & regulation.

9. Challenges associated with the operation : ILS, operation, maintenance, etc.

10. Unmanned vehicles in large quantities.

11. International cooperation.

12. The human element in unmanned systems

13. Unmanned system safety & licensing aspects.

1. Key officials from the defense establishment generally and the field of unmanned systems in particular – staff and field organs.

2. Key figures from the defense industry – managers and project leaders, engineers, ILS specialists, marketing and business development executives.

3. Key figures from industries supporting the unmanned system layout (civilian & defense systems): consulting, computers, user interfaces, simulation, assimilation, etc.

4. Government officials involved in the field of unmanned systems.

5. Academic faculty members and students associated with the field of unmanned systems.

6. Entrepreneurs seeking an opportunity for a breakthrough in this field.

7. Service providers, specialists and professionals associated with the field of unmanned systems.

8. Operators and technicians in the field of unmanned systems.

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